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House System

In order to promote a healthy competitive spirit among the students and to excel in studies, curricular activities, sports and games, the students are grouped into three Houses. T-shirts of their respective House colour differentiate the students during games and other ceremonial occasions. House Masters and teachers are assigned to each of the three Houses to guide and streamline the activities of their House with their Captains and Prefects. Their emblems characterize the qualities they are called upon to imbue

House Colour Emblem
Montfort House Yellow A red lion on a gold field
Patrick House Green A gold shamrock on a green field
Gabriel House Blue White wings with a golden arrow on an azure field.


Inter house competitions are held regularly in the following disciplines:

Academics Volleyball Tennis
Discipline Basketball Table Tennis
Athletics Football Swimming
Aquatics Cricket Dramatics

All these house competitions are held in an atmosphere of healthy competitive spirit. Those who excel in these competitions are honoured with shields and cups during the Annual Prize Night.