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Annual Sports Meet


“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get”.

- Michall Philps

          The 103rd Montfort Annual Sports Meet was held on 20th July 2019. The mega event began with the school band in attendance. The Chief Guest, Mr. Biju. K. IAS, along with his wife, Mrs. Amritha, were escorted to the dias by Rev. Bro. Provincial Superior, Bro. Johnson. S, Rev. Bro. Dominic Savio. S  our Principal, other Brothers of community, past Principals, parents and other dignitaries. The chief guest hoisted the national flag and Rev Bro Principal the School flag. The choir led us in prayer and then sang the school song. Mast. Simrith. S, the school pupil leader, reported to the chief guest for the inspection of the athletes who participated in the March past.

    The Mascot chosen for this sports meet was miniature Eagle called Athos. Athos means the 'God of the sky'.

              The 3 contingents of Montfort house were led by Mast. Aditya Ashwin. A. R, Mast. Jaison Immanuel Raja and Mast. Lalith kumar.L . P

       The 3 contingents of Montfort house were led by Mast. Shri Rajendra Prasad. G, Mast. Adige Minimus Fernando and Mast. Naghul Raja. M. S

              The 3 contingents of Patrick house were led by Mast. Sivasubramanian. M, Mast. Amrish. A.V and Mast. Harrin. S

          The girl’s contingents for the Montfort, Gabriel and Patrick house were led by Ms. Kanishka. S, Ms. Devadharshini and Ms. Trisha Antoninette Costa respectively.

          We also had 8 Montfortians on horseback following the Olympic torch bearers, Mr. Madhumitan. V, Harrish. S, Mukesh Kumar. S. K, Tharun Kumar. A. S.

          All the athletes took their oath in the true spirit of sportsmanship. Then the Olympic torch was taken to the podium symbolizing the commencement of the Montfort Annual Sports Meet 2019.

          The biggest resource and strength of Montfort is its disciplined past students about 400 boys and girls participated in the March past. The March past was dedicated to Dr. Ashokan, an old boy of Montfort School who had passed away.

          The chief guest declared the 103th Annual Sports Meet open. The Alumni was called for the March Past. Athletic events took place from A to F division for the boys. After that the old boys were called for the 4x100m relay to compete with the present boys. The present boys had bagged the gold. Then the Aquatic events took place in the swimming pool from D to F division and after that event had taken place the present boys and the old boys had a match of water polo in which the old boys had bagged the gold.    

          Parents and students were later requested to move for lunch which was set up in our school premises. The afternoon session began at 1.15 pm in the Unifield. The chief guest and his family was accompanied by the Provincial Superior, Rev. Bro. Johnson, Rev. Bro. Dominic Savio the principal and Rev. Bro. George Irudhayaraj Principal of Montfort ICSE, Brothers of the community, former principal, VIP’S and other dignitaries.

          The afternoon session began with a prayer song along with the welcome note by the students followed by a beautiful welcome dance by the girls. Later the chief guest and the Provincial Superior Bro. Johnson was felicitated with a shawl and a floral bouquet.

          Variety of drill displays were showcased by the students of different houses, starting off with the Montfort house.

          The theme chosen by this house was “Save Energy”. The drill was done wonderfully by the students with great pomp and show with beautiful props and co-ordination.

          The second to perform were the Gabriel house boys and the theme selected by this house was “Sports for peace and harmony”. It was a stupendous performance and a real feast to the eyes.

          Then the last house to perform was the Patrick house with the theme “Human development – the past glory of Mother Earth”. The drill was spectacular with synchronization and meaningful messages.

          After the drill the students were asked to gather for the prize distribution which was distributed by our chief guest Mr. K. Biju. From the girls side the Athletics, Aquatics and Overall shield was won by Montfort house, the march past shield was won by Patrick house and the discipline shield was won by the Gabriel house. From the boys, the athletics and overall shield was bagged by Gabriel House, the march-past, drill and the aquatics shield was bagged by Patrick house, and the discipline shield was bagged by Montfort house.

          The chief guest had also given a short and sweet speech, which told us about his nostalgic experiences in Montfort. Our Provincial Superior too gave a thought proving and an inspiring speech. Immediately, the students along with the teachers formed the finale formation. The finale formation was of 2 circles with an intersection. After the finale, the lowering of the school flag took place and the school flag was handed over by the SPL to Rev. Bro. Principal lowering of the flames at the Olympic podium remarked the closure of the mega event, which was a grand success.