* Admission (2021- 2022)  process are on for classes 3 to 9 and 11   

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Rules and Regulations


"Discipline and Virtue" are the hallmark of every Montfortian. We expect that the students entrusted to our care, will conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all concerned and leave the school after a successful career as God-fearing youths useful to themselves, their parents and the society. Montfort students at all times show respect and deference to the school authorities and to the members of the staff. The students' behaviour is courteous and gentlemanly at all times and in all places, both inside and outside the school campus. Montfort students are always punctual and they keep the classrooms,study halls and school premises clean. They take care of the school property.

Coming late to school/class is considered a serious offence. Damage done to the buildings, furniture, library books, sports goods etc, must be compensated.The school authorities reserve the right to take appropriate disciplinary action including dismissal against any student whose conduct is detrimental to the moral tone, discipline and educative atmosphere of the school.Students desirous of participating in any co-curricular or extra-curricular activities outside the school, shall produce a letter from the parent/ guardian, requesting permission. They may participate in such events only with the explicit permission of the Principal. Students are not permitted to leave the campus without the permission of the Principal.Smoking, intake of alcohol, chewing Pan Parag and betel nut within or outside the school are prohibited. Periodicals and books of low moral standards are not permitted inside the school. Without the written permission of the Principal, students are not allowed to organize or attend meetings in the school campus or to collect funds for any purpose.Students of Stds. X,XI & XII are not permitted to bring or receive eatables(tucks) from home.

Students should keep only their books pertaining to their curriculum in their schoolbags and desks.Electronic Equipments: Students are not permitted to possess and use electronic goods of any kind, gold ornaments and other gadgets which are not learning friendly. Inspite of repeated requests and warnings some of the parents also encourage students to possess photographic and video cameras,cellphones, walkman and pagers to mention a few. Guidelines and regulations are made only to protect the common interest of the student community. If they are violated, it would affect the entire school community. Hence the use of these goods in the school is prohibited for the welfare of the entire students and to focus more on academics. The practice of depositing the walkman and cameras with the wardens is scrapped henceforth. A lot of our precious time and energy is wasted in solving problems related to 'Discipline'. Instead of wasting time and energy on these problems, we would like every student to

make use of the same for positive and productive activities which will benefit the entire school community.

In spite of all our efforts, due to unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances, if any untoward "incidents" happen among the students,the management is not responsible.

Anyone found in possession of or associated with gadgets and electronic goods not permitted in school will be fined 10 times the cost of the gadget in addition to the other disciplinary measures mentioned in the School Handbook. They will also forfeit the gadget.Students are not allowed to possess or use cellphones in the school campus.One of the finest traditions of this school is the Farewell function organized every year by the students of Std XII during the month of December.The programme for the students of Std XII has been modified and the expenses incurred will be entirely met by the school. It will be a very simple programme without ordering any item from outside including food. The practice of large hoardings and other extravaganzas are being given up. The average expenses of such programme will not exceed Rs 350/-.If they desire to have any special name to be linked with this event/ batch, a written permission must be obtained from the Principal and this will be permitted only 30 days prior to the event. The students of other classes will never be permitted to take / attach any name or code to their class/ batch nor will they have any farewell function organized inside or outside the school. If they do so it will be treated as serious matter of indiscipline.

On Sports Day, Std XII students will have the same March Past as the other athletes and will wear the same uniform. They will not have an exclusively separate programme for their class. Prior to the Sports Day they will only practice the March Past and will have regular classes till the previous day of the sports. For the afternoon session they will wear the same drill outfit as the

senior school boys and will be seated in their respective Houses.

Students of Stds X and XII will wear the usual school uniform (Monday to

Sunday) even on examination days till they leave their school.

The behaviour and decorum of Montfort boys outside the school campus is

even more important than when inside. Hence, we insist on the following:

  1. Whenever students are taken out on leave or representing the school for various programmes and also on re-opening and closing days, they should be wearing Wednesday's uniform excluding the neck tie. Similarly, when they visit the school for any business transactions, they should wear Wednesday's uniform as long as they are the students of Montfort.

* Girls : The girl students (seniors) should be neatly dressed in churidhar when they leave or report back to the hostel. Some parents violate quite a few of the school rules because some wardens / members of staff do not point out the violations to the concerned parents. Parents should follow the Handbook and other written instructions instead of bending the rules and guidelines for their convenience.

  1. Those returning without a short and neat haircut after the Quarterly / Half yearly holidays will be admitted in only after a proper haircut.

  2. Please note that students and parents are not permitted to give any gift to the staff, workers or to other schoolmates whatever is the occasion. Parents are requested to follow strictly the guidelines given in the handbook regarding tucks and eatables. The students of Stds X, XI and XII are not permitted to bring tucks to the school.

All the students from Stds III to XII will handover the handbook to their class teacher at the end of the academic year.

* Students of Montfort (VIII-XII) are not permitted to go to Mayfield (to ICSE school) except when they are officially taken over there for functions and programs


1. Montfort is a Residential School and the Day Scholars are admitted only from the locality who have lived in Yercaud for more than 20 years and have to produce the tax paid receipt of their stay at Yercaud. If a boarder is not able to adjust in the hostel due to health reason, he /she is advised to withdraw from the boarding by the end of the academic year. There is no permission for them to stay as Day Scholars.

2. Day scholars should participate in all the curricular and co-curricilar activities of the school just like the boarders.

3. Attendance is taken twice a day for day scholars. In the afternoon, the attendance must be given by them atleast 5 minutes before the bell in the school office.

4. The day scholars are not expected to be seen roaming around in the Yercaud town or elsewhere or behave in a way that will lower the credibility of the school.

5. They are prohibited from making errands, telephone calls or posting letters on behalf of students/staff of the school.

6. Day scholars using bicycles are required to obtain an entry pass from the school office and it should be parked in the allotted place. Bicycle riding is not permitted inside the school premises.

7. All leave (except when indisposed) must be with the prior permission of the Principal. Whenever children are absent (including when they are ill) parents of the Day scholar should send the leave letter to the school authorities the very next day itself.

Every student should bring the School Handbook to class and keep it neat and secure. It contains detailed information regarding the teaching-learning experiences in the school. Parents desirous of having a copy of the same may collect it from the School Library.


Any leave is to be taken only with the prior permission of the Principal, through a duly authorized letter of the parent. If leave is availed due to illness, information should reach the school authorities within two days. When the student returns to school after recovery, he must produce the medical certificate and a brief report of the treatment received.

Since there are too many festivals in our country, it may not be possible for us to declare holidays for all such occasions. Parents and students should realize that we have to organize classes at least for 210 days in a year. Moreover, we have to complete the prescribed portions without rushing through them. Hence, we do not have too many holidays or visiting weekends.

Unauthorized absence from the boarding and the class is not permitted. Any student who absents himself without prior permission of the Principal, or those who fail to report back to the school on the due date will be removed from the hostel and the school. Even if admitted with some conditions, he /she will lose10 marks in each subject in the ensuing exam.

Applying for leave for mere social and religious functions is not encouraged. Those who produce false medical certificates for leave will have to forfeit their seat at the end of the academic year. Parents sending a letter or fax seeking permission for their son / daughter to attend a function or ceremony, the same should be confirmed by the Principal before they come to collect their children. Without the prior permission from the Principal they will not be permitted to take their children home. Just sending a letter or fax is not sufficient.

99% of attendance is compulsory for all the students. Without this criteria, promotion will not be considered. Students of Stds.X and XII, who are falling short of 95% of attendance, will not be permitted to take the public exams nor will they be awarded a 'satisfactory' Conduct certificate.

Students are requested to utilize the terminal holidays for tours, pilgrimages and prolonged religious functions. During the working days, whatever be the reason, they are not permitted to go on pilgrimages and tours. Students are permitted to take leave only for the family programmes related to their father, mother, sister, brother and grand parents. Students will not be permitted to leave the hostel to attend weddings, anniversaries and other programmes associated with their relatives, friends or neighbours.

It is very embarrassing to face parents when they return to school late, after the specified time and date. We admire and appreciate those parents and students who are back in the school ahead of the scheduled time in order to join the main stream of school life. Parents and students who have not taken prior permission to return late to the school after holidays will meet the Principal only after 9.30 am. Parents arriving at late night hours or in the early hours of the morning can approach the watchman and be seated in the Parents' lounge which is well equipped for such a purpose.


Normally, admissions are open only for Std.III and Std.XI. However, those who wish to admit their children in other classes i.e 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 may also apply for the same. Montfort being a residential school, the students are expected to stay in the school boarding only. The practice of parents renting houses in Yercaud and sending their children as day scholars is not permitted.




Monday, Tuesday,Thursday,Friday

Khaki sleeved shirt, Khaki Trousers(long) belt(black), School necktie, black shoes and black socks.


Coloured (long) sleeved shirt and trousers (long), belt(black), School necktie, black shoes and black socks.

Saturday and on special occasions

White (long) sleeved shirt, grey flannel trousers(long), navy blue blazer, black belt, school necktie, black shoes and black socks.


White (long) sleeved shirt, white trousers (long) canvas shoes and black socks.

P.Ed classes

House T-shirts, Khaki trousers (long) and canvas shoes.





Monday - Friday

Light blue salwar and kameez,Navy Blue waist coat,

Black shoes and black socks

Checked Uniform dress, School necktie Black shoes and black socks

Saturday and on special occasions

White (long) sleeved blouse, long grey flannel pant, School neck tie Navy blue blazer, black shoes and black socks.

White (long) sleeved blouse,

greyflannel pant,(School necktie,Navy blue blazer black shoe and black socks.


White salwar and kameez navy blue waist coat, canvas

shoes and white socks.

White (long) sleeved blouse &

skirt school pullover, white canvas shoes and white sock.

Games sessions

House T-shirts/ navy blue track suit, canvas shoes and

black socks.

House T-shirts / navy blue track suit, canvas shoes and black socks.

P.Ed classes

The usual uniform used from Monday to Friday.

The usual uniform used from

Monday to Friday.


Short hair- to be kept tidy with a black hair band; long hair - to be plaited and fastened with a black band

Short hair- to be kept tidy with a black hair band; long hair - to be plaited and fastened with a black band.


Hair oil, comb, fine-tooth comb, shoe brush, boot polish (black), nail cutter, soap (bathing and washing), shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, tongue cleaner, mug, pens, pencils, erasers, 4 small locks with duplicate keys for cupboards and classroom desks with two key chains with Boarding number written. Parents will ensure that their children have all other personal items, particularly those related to health and hygiene.


1. Boarding Number tapes will be supplied by the school. All items mentioned, except items 18, 20, and 22 should have these numbers affixed on them. It should be stitched neatly without being seen externally. You are not permitted to write the boarding number with coloured marker pens on external clothes.

2. For Boys, shirts must be worn tucked in, therefore, shirts should be stitched accordingly.

3. The uniform for Boys and Girls shall be of plain cloth without design or decorative stitching.

4. Jeans, T-shirts, Pyjamas and kurthas do not constitute the school uniform.

5. Students belonging to various religions cannot adopt the customs of their religion and formalities in the school uniform.

6. The colour pants and shirts brought to the school should be the usual type i.e it should be similar to the pattern of the Khaki and white pairs of pants and shirts. Fancy shirts and trousers are not permitted in the school / boarding. Students are not permitted to wear T-shirts on Wednesdays, during class hours and Birthdays. They may wear T-shirts with collars during evening hours after the games and bath. Senior school students are not permitted to wear colour dress on their birthdays.

7. Extra sets of coloured shirts, coloured trousers, shoes and any other items which are not mentioned in the above list need not be brought to the school. Only one large suitcase and a small handbag are permitted in the dormitory. Other suitcases and bags must be taken back by the parents after arranging their clothes in the cupboard provided.

8. Students are not permitted to borrow any item whatsoever from their companions (clothes, games equipments, books, notebooks and other stationery items)

9. Student must cultivate the habit of wearing neat and clean uniform, with short and smart haircuts(Boys), neatly combed hair(Girls), and keeping teeth, finger nails and hands clean. The text and notebooks are to be well maintained. Proper use of toilet and disposal of waste in the assigned place should be adhered to by all the students.

10. Exemption of uniform can be made only with the permission of the Principal /Vice Principal and entry to be made in the Handbook

11. One list is to be submitted to the Matron and another to be retained by the student for future reference. The list of items will be checked by the Matron / Warden before the boarder is admitted to the dormitory on the reporting day.