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Principle Corner


                                                To Our Lads  &Lasses

                           STARS OF 2017-2018

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen in the making

“CARPE DIEM” – Make history ‘fore you leave.

Switch your mindset from Mayhem to Silence

Before leaving Montfort – and you will achieve,


A real sensation of Euphoria.

Give yourself  this gift for free.

Surprise all your teachers and your companions,

Go on ! I urge you  -  its so very easy!


Not just for a few fleeting minutes,

But from the hour you wake every day.

Speak only when out of the Classroom and  Study,

The Chapel, the Dorm  - Okay ?


Come  ! Take up this challenge,  I pray you.

Show you are made of sterner stuff.

Cast off your juvenile behaviour

Show All, you are disciplined and tough.


Here you stand at the Crossroads

Which way are you going to take ?

The Road to Perdition and chaos,

Or the path, which will heroes make ?


Choose wisely my dear Montfortians,

We’re with you every step of the way.

Let Character and Resolve be your Compass

Through the Voyage  of Life, Every day !


You  Young Men & Women of  tomorrow,

Please, will you wake up and see

That You – yes , You are the Standard Bearers

Of the Start of this new Century.



The Year 2017 will  forever be

The one you 12th Formers, held sway .

Will you be a part of Montfort’s history ?

Pledge Yourselves now to a better way.


Be not Backward to come Forward

Stand up and do not be denied.

Prove yourself  worthy of  the Blue and Gold Banner

Be counted and walk tall  with pride !                           


Your Parents and Family expect you to be

A pride and joy of the family.

Change your mindset and broaden your vision

Be enlighted, and take a decision.


The  World is waiting for you to advance

In Medicine, Sport, Science – Your chance !

Sportsmen and Women – in waiting you are,

Go for it now and you will go far!


Above all , dear Students we pray you will be

The finest specimen of our humanity.

Aim for the Stars, the Skies are the limit

A better world, awaits.   Be sure you’re in it!


                             Wish You all the Best !

                             Dream Big !  Achieve Much More !

                                      GOD BLESS !




With warm regards!

(Bro. Soosai Alangaram )