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          15th November, 2019, was an exciting day for the students of 3, 4 and 5 as they were allowed to go for a picnic to Krishnagiri, CS Grand. The day began as the children woke up at 4’O clock in the morning. The students and the teachers started their journey from our Montfort campus by 5.15 am and reached CS Grand by 8.30 am.

          We were warmly welcomed by the staff of CS grand with the welcome drink of cool lemonade. We were escorted by the staff to the dormitories where the children were asked to refresh themselves. Later on they were taken for a good breakfast. There was a short meeting in the hall where the students were introduced to the games and the rules and regulations. They were encouraged to take part in obstacle games with great enthusiasm.

          At 1.00 pm we had heavy lunch and were taken by the staff to the water games, such as rain dance and swimming. The children also enjoyed and thrilled with the adventure games especially rope walk.

          Evening, the in charge divided the students into teams and conducted a few games for them. After which they had their tea and went back to their dorms to refresh themselves. At 6.30 pm all the children gathered for the movie which lasted up to 8.15 pm and a short display of their activities in CS Grand was also screamed. Meanwhile a good dinner was served during the movie time.

          All of us left the premises around 8.30 pm and reached safely to school by 11.30 pm. We had a wonderful time in CS Grand. 



A picnic was expressed at C.S Grand adventure theme park on 19.11.19. The students were divided to class wise and teachers were allotted to take care of the children.

          The bus headed to C.S Grand at sharp 6 in the morning, fully packed with students and teachers were excited and were anxiously waiting to reach the picnic spot.

          We reached the picnic spot at around 11 am. We were welcomed with lemonade and were directed to the dormitory. We refreshed ourselves and headed for the various games. The children could not resist the temptation of the various elements such as high rope climbing, pot making, swimming, rain dance, obstacle games, cart riding and other indoor games were like table tennis, billiards, archery and many more. The staff and children actively participated in all the games and enjoyed themselves and were never tired of playing. The bullock cart ride was the most enjoyed by the students and staff.

          After a tiresome day of playing we were given hot delicious lunch. After lunch the children were made to rest in their dormitories.

          The clean atmosphere and surrounding made us feel more at home. In the evening we were given hot tea and snacks and then evening a movie was screened and side by side hot dinner was served the children were happy watching an interesting movie and also enjoyed their dinner.

          After dinner we sadly started back to school, the children were very sad to come back to school after a beautiful day spent at C.S Grand. We reached school late night at about 1.00 am. The picnic was indeed a memorable one to remember.



          At 5.00 am, on the morning of the 20th of November. The Students of classes 9th and 10th deported for CS Grand, an adventure park at Dharmapuri. A short prayer was said by Rev. Bro. Dominic, Our Principal, before their departure. On reaching they were offered lemon juice. After keeping their belongings in the dormitory, they headed to the restaurant for a hearty breakfast. Many activities namely, high ropes, adventure courses and many fun filled games were played up to 1’o clock in the afternoon. Following the tiring activities, the students headed towards the restaurant for a well-deserved lunch. After lunch, the various activities continued. There was rain dance, swimming, etc. The students were supposed to have an open air movie, which was cancelled, due to unforeseen rains. The day came to a close after we had dinner and started our return journey. We reached Yercaud at around 1.00 am.


The picnic for the Higher Secondary students was slated to unfurl on the 21st of November 2020. Unlike the regular estate visits, this time it was a game changer. Bro. Principal rolled out a new kind of enjoyment for the boys. The venue was fixed at the CS GRAND ADVENTURE THEME PARK that had its amazing existence near the Dharmapuri District. The students accompanied by Bro. Kennedy, Bro. Robert along with the teaching faculty had a bundle of flabbergasting events at the park. Filled with scenic pastures and coconut trees, the students discovered the active physical strength in them as they tried to conquer the rope games that stood gigantic at a height of 15 feet above ground level. The organisers were courteous enough in providing the students with the vivid meals and were with the students from dawn to dusk. The rain dance, the balloon burst, the trampoline games and many more games were organised to in still the spirit of teamwork and leadership among the young Montfortians. The retiring rooms had given an extra punch of amusement to the boys while they happy heartedly never found a reason to miss any of the events. The bullock-cart rides, the swimming pool, the astrology were the other events to serve the students with some extra surprises.

          The wonderful day had come to a halt with a movie projected on an open screen taking its support on the vegetation there.

The boys gleaming with joy and gratitude to the officials of the park finally bid adieu as they left for their school later that night.