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St. Montfort was a great scholar, a powerful speaker and an author of many spiritual works, such as "The Love of Eternal Wisdom", "True Devotion to Mary", "The Secret of Mary", and "The Secret of the Rosary". His capacity to paint and carve, along with his poetic skills, has made him a spiritual "Leonardo da Vinci".

He never bothered about the consequences of telling the 'truth' and doing what was right before the eyes of God. He was victimized by the world for his honesty and conviction.

As a result, he died at an early age of 43 in 1716 on April 28th. He was acclaimed a Saint by the people and the Church authorities

He established many dedicated groups of men and women to carry on his good work, particularly instructing the young. One such organization is the Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel. It is since 1903, these Brothers arrived on the shores of India to continue their mission. In 2003, they completed 100 years of service to this nation. In the year 2016 they will be celebrating the tricentennial of the feast of St.Montfort.

Montfort School and many such educational institutions all over India and abroad are administered by the followers of St.Montfort under the banner of brothers of st. gabriel