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Medical - School Infirmary

A well stocked dispensary and attached infirmary with 20 beds, along with round the clock service of a resident doctor, nurse and trained nursing attendants are available. Whenever the children are indisposed or sick they are taken care of at the school infirmary. In addition to this, the local government doctor also visits the infirmary daily between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm. Children who need further attention are regularly taken down to Salem for further check-up and subsequent treatment. In spite of these efforts, if the concerned child is not recovering according to our expectation or when the nature of illness is serious, the school authorities will immediately contact the parent either by telephone, fax or telegram. Hence, parents are requested not to rush to the school or get perturbed about the health of their child hearing from other unauthorized sources. When the students are taken home by parents for further medical treatment, if the child is not recovering within five days, they are expected to contact us and keep us informed about the progress of the child’s health.

While the school takes utmost care in the health of its students, it is not responsible for any untoward misfortune that may befall its inmates.