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The Founders of Montfort

Rev.Bro.Eugene Mary (Julien Marie Le Pevedic) was born on May 26, 1879 at Plescop de Grand champ, in the diocese of Vannes, in Brittany. He belonged to an excellent, intelligent and educated family. While in England, he underwent a sound training in the art of conversation. In December 1905, he sailed to India with Bro. Claudien and Bro. Louis D’Anjou. Bro. Denis met them there and accompanied them to Ooty where they arrived on 6th January. A new community was formed with Bro. Eugene Mary as Director.Bro. Eugene came to Montfort School, Yercaud in 1917 and for the remaining 30 years of his life, he lived in and about Montfort, perfecting the work he had begun, and returning to it frequently, even when higher responsibilities had been entrusted to him…. Generations of young men, who have passed through Montfort and have acquired a new vision and a new courage to face life, have him to thank for it. His spirit is written on every stone and corner and the customs and traditions of the school were his creation.Says the student of his days – “His love for us, his fairness, even when he punished us rarely, because there was no need for it: love and veneration for him secured obedience from his boys, are things which remained in the mind of the Montfort Boys. Any boy could go to him with his little worries and be sure of a hearing. He followed each one individually with more than a parents’ solicitude”.In 1926, Bro.Eugene was back at Montfort as Principal. The first School Annual Magazine was published in 1927 and the House System was introduced the following year. From January – September 1936, Bro.Eugene was the Principal of St.Patrick’s high School, Secunderabad.He was a model educator of the young and as he had always in view a high standard of efficiency, he never slackened in his efforts. A man of grand vision, very magnanimous and a charitable person! His spirit is written on every stone and corner and the customs and traditions of the school were his creation. He was charitable, which is only a more learned way of saying that he was kind.During the 19 years that Bro.Eugene was the Director Principal of the District of India, his Brothers never failed to love and esteem this good superior, whose kindness, knowledge, experience and tact were proverbial. He was always ready to listen to the difficulties of others and the sympathy that he showed, along with the great moral authority wielded, often caused the obstacles to disappear. His words of encouragement, which showed the path of duty and the smile that accompanied them, often restored peace and courage. The greatest achievement of the administration of Bro.Eugene was the foundation of the Houses of Formation: Juniorate and Novitiate.

Rev.Bro.Omar Mary was appointed Director at Yercaud. He did most of the teaching in the school which just started to function and Bro.Henry did most of the minding work. After a short stay Bro.Omar went to France to join the army.

Rev.Bro.Henry Gabriel (Mathurian Joseph Francois) was born on August 13, 1883 at St.Hilaire de Loulay, in the Northern part of vendee, France. In February 1917, he was in Yercaud to supervise the repair works for the opening of Montfort School. In June 1917, he was appointed treasurer there.In January 1934, Bro. Henry became the Treasurer of Montfort School, Yercaud. In May 1938, he relinquished his post of school treasurer and began his tedious job of study minding, which he continued till the end of 1955. In 1938, he supervised the work of extending the Chalmette’s building and began the construction of the beautiful Montfort Chapel of which he was the architect and which was completed in October 1939.”Bro. Henry” remains a grand figure in the history of Montfort.