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Farewell to Std XII Students

The FAREWELL SONG sung to the tune of ‘Auld Land Syne’ has become a part and parcel of our heritage. The out-going students—the ladies and gentlemen of Std.XII, sing this FAREWELL SONG with great pride and emotion as they bid farewell to us and take leave of their Alma Mater as Ambassadors of ‘Virtue and Labour’ with the hope to meet some day.

Must we now part for evermore

Shall we not meet again

Must we now part for evermore?

United we remain.

Ch:We shall again meet on our way;

Tis but a farewell now;

Yes we shall meet again one day;

Tis but a farewell now…

Yet let us linger on a while

As happy moments fleet,

Now bid we farewell with a smile

Till once again we meet.

Let now our interlacing hands

Here bind us all in love;

Unserver’d may God keep our bands

And bless us from above.

As days grow weeks and months and years,

The burden of our song

Keeps bright the hope that friends endear

We’ll meet again ere long.