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Essence of the theme
A mountain is the invisible sign of the presence of God. It is impossible to analyse a mountain. It is too awesome, too massive and too mysterious. Deep within its bowels is a sleeping cauldron of boiling lava, which could unleash an inferno that can decimate all in its path. Faith moves mountains. It has been said " If i have the belief that i can do it, I can surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if i may not have it at the beginning". spake the great Indian Philosopher. Statesman and Saint, the Mahatma Gandhi; the serenity that you can enjoy in the solitude of a mountain is incomparable and unequalled.

Go to the mountains and come nearer to the creator. Be inspired.Look up to the mountain. Do not be afraid to climb these silent  serene, sentinels of creation. Your cares will drop off like autumn leaves. Have faith in yourself, and go for it. CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN!