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Montfort Alumni

One of the biggest resources and strengths of Montfort is its disciplined past students, particularly those organised under the banner


1933 witnessed the formation of the OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION in Montfort. The main objective of this association is to provide a medium whereby the past students of the school will keep in touch with one another and their ‘Alma Mater’. The School organizes an Annual re-union of the past students with their families and staff during the School Sports Meet in July.

This gives them on opportunity to mingle with the present students and the members of the staff. This close association between the past and the present has made the ‘Montfort Alumni’ an institution in itself with binding chains of ‘love’. The Montfort Alumni continues to be a model for the younger generations who imbibe further the lessons of the ‘Past’ and learn to

Follow those who have trodden uprightly

As well in sunshine as in rain.’

In addition to this, there are also Montfort Alumni Chapters organized by the past students, district wise. The President and members of the Staff are always present for these get-togethers. Invitations are extended to all the registered members.

Each of our past students is distinct and unique. They come back to their Alma Mater with Pride and Joy. They are always welcome back to their ‘second home’ which shaped them to be ‘MEN and WOMEN’.

THE LINK, the annual magazine of the school, enables the past and the Present students to keep in touch with each other.

‘Old -boys and new, we do fashion so tightly

Enduring LINKS of one long chain.’

The ‘LINK’ is a treasury of events and collection of all the activities and developments in Montfort for the academic year. It also reflects the philosophy and the contemporary thinking among the Present day students and Staff of Montfort.