A Little Heaven on Earth

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station situated in the southern part of the Shevaroy ranges, in the Eastern Ghats. For most people Shevaroy is an unfamiliar name they have not heard too often, YERCAUD! Sure it rings a bell! Well to see the record straight. Yercaud is situated at an elevation of 4700ft above MSL on the Shevaroys hill range. The Shevaroy hills are small outcrops of hills covering an area of about 385 sq.miles. There are 67 villages and 25 hamlets with a population of about 70,000 of whom 45,000 are tribals. The mean temperature ranges between 22oC to 25oC. In winter temperature rarely goes below 10oC and on extremely hot days temperature may shoot up to 32oC. The average rainfall is about 45 cm to 60 cm from both the Southwest and Northeast monsoons. Yercaud is justly called healthy. It escapes the heavy dust and pollution of the plains without the disadvantages of the rarefaction of high altitudes.

David CockBurn, the Scottish collector of Salem district, between 1820 & 1829, was called the ‘Father of Yercaud’ because he helped in the development of the resources of the Shevaroy and for introducing the cultivation of coffee, pears and apple. The first survey of the Shevaroy hills was undertaken in 1827.His contribution to Yercaud is praise worthy.

Yercaud is God’s evergreen gifted Hill-Land of heavenly beauty. People can gaze into a dawn or sunset, look long at a vista of wooded mountain, the most wonderful nook of wild fern by a running brook, a craggy summit rising out of the pine- like Grevillea, smoky covering of the mist, colourful, natural lake. It makes one to take a long breath to come out from the beauty of Yercaud.

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