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Principle Corner


Dear parents,

Greetings and warm wishes from Montfort, Yercaud!

First of all let me thank you for your great cooperation during this academic year in the smooth conduct of our school activities. It is because of good parents like you we are able to run our education mission with great success. In the modern age educating the youth is a great challenge both for the educators and the parents. Both of us must inculcate modern attitudes and approaches to tackle the new generation of youth with their different thinking.

Children should be taught group living and social growth. That will make them to grow into mature responsible citizens. We at Montfort have always tried to impart total education to our students. Our students are taught group living, values and virtues along with their lessons every day, throughout their stay here. Many of our successful alumni are our brand ambassadors to the world. I know that you can always spot a Montfortian in a crowd by his/her fine mannerism, smartness and great communications skills. Such a person spells success for himself and for us.

I am reminded of the great 'Gurukula system' of our ancient India where the Teacher and the student used to live together up to ten or more years, learning, working, playing, imbibing values and virtues from their 'Gurus'. Montfort also is a modern 'Gurukula' where we live as a family. I personally believe that physical exercises are very important for the healthy development of a child. I don't think any school in India can boast of such sports infrastructure facilities like what we have here and we encourage every student to utilize these to the maximum extent. May be this is what makes Montfort different from other schools around.

We strive to give more and more facilities and opportunities to our students here, to enable them to face the modern world. It's my ardent desire that you also support us in our educational venture so that together we could transform the youth of our great nation.

This year we have chosen the theme "Educate to Liberate……..". I see this as an apt theme for our times. In our country we have to give education top most priority. Education liberates human beings from ignorance, disease, poverty, suppression and superstition. Education liberates the mind and the soul. Let us join together to make our country an enlighten place where our children can grow up in total freedom without the discretion of colour, religion, caste and creed, 

Jai Hind!


With warm regards!

(Bro. Varghese K.J)



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