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Course of Study

The course of study for Standards III to X is based on the Syllabus prescribed by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It emphasis on Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas including Cultural activities.

1.English :Prose, Poetry, Grammar and Composition

2.Languages :Tamil, Hindi* and French

* We prepare the students for the Prathmic and the Madhayama examinations.

3. Mathematics:Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, (IX & X) Trigonometry

4. Science:III to V Elementary Science and Nature Study

VI to X Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology

5. Social Science:History, Geography and Civics

6. Computer Science:III – VII: History of Computers–Application of Computers–LOGO–Introduction to BASIC and Programming.

VIII-XII: Number System–BASIC–MS OFFICE–Internet Applications–WindowsXP–Linux–Visual Basic– C– C++ programming–Star Office–Logic Circuit & HTML–Graphic Utilities

7. Moral Instruction /Religious Instruction

8. Physical Education : Theory & Practical

9. Art:Silhouette, Collage and Craft work.

10. General Knowledge: Related to all subjects

11. Music*: III to IX Theory of Music (Scales, Time signature,Grouping of notes, intervals, Triads, Italian words)Individual and Group singing

* Students are also prepared in Theory and Practical for the Trinity College Examinations in Music, London.

12. Current Affairs:Information encompassing all that is happening through out the world and beyond in all fields of knowledge & learning.

13. Yoga:Basic principles, Theory and Practical

Groups offered at the Higher Secondary Level: ( for boys and girl students)

Group No. 103 : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

Group No. 102 : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

Group No. 308 : Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Mathematics

Group No. 302: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science

Medium of Instruction : English