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Literary Associations


The Junior Talent Time is an association for all the students of Stds.I1I to V. This Association brings to the fore the talents present in each child through a number of activities such as Recitation, Dramatics, Singing, Mimicry, Story Time and Word Power.


The Junior Literary Society comprises all the students of Stds. VI and VII. This Society endeavors to unravel the hidden talents of its members and provides opportunities to polish their inherent potentials. Competitions in Elocution, Singing, Mono-acting, Sales Talk, Dumb Charades and Quiz are organized by the J.L.S. during the course of the year.


The Senior Literary Association surges further in grooming and moulding the talents of students comprising Stds.VIII, IX and X. This association organizes competitions in Elocution, Dramatics, Debates and Essay writing. “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield” is its motto.


It consists of the senior students of Stds. XI and XII. It strives to transform them into literary stalwarts. They have an ambitious programme of activities and competitions spread over the academic year.


Montfort being a residential school, its inmates are mostly from various states of India and also from different parts of the world. Hence, keeping to the universal characteristic of our school, in addition to Tamil and Hindi we also offer French as a separate discipline of study. The French, Hindi and Tamil Associations promote and inculcate the rich heritage of these languages. Tamil, the scholarly and ancient Dravidian language, is given much importance.