* Diwali holiday begins on 3rd Nov '18. School reopens  on 8th  Nov '18 . Boarders to report on 7th  Nov '18 before 5pm.   

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The main and the side gates have guard houses and a 24 hour security check by the guards on duty. In addition to this, moving guards are on patrol—duty throughout day and night.

A CCTV network has been installed with nearly 150 cameras to ensure safety and security of its inmates particularly the students.

THE PARENTS’ LOUNGE facilitates the parents and visitors to be accommodated comfortably while in-waiting. Parents and visitors reaching the school at late/ early hours are requested to (show their identity cards, if required)—contact the watchman and be seated in the Parents’ lounge situated opposite to the chapel. All facilities are provided in the lounge to take rest and relax till the office is open in the morning. If they need any assistance the watchman will make arrangements.