As per the direction of the Government and keeping in mind the welfare of the children, the Management  has decided to send the children to home on 18th March 2020 (Tomorrow). So the parents of 3rd standard to 9th standard are requested to take your wards from 2 pm. Further information will be communicated to you later.


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"Lead kindly Light, amidst the encircling gloom…"

This prayer is the essence of our educational objectives – to lead the children from darkness to light ….

Montfort has been performing such a stupendous task ever since the beginning of the 19th century.In the New Millennium as a "School of Excellence", it has further qualified its beliefs in the philosophy of quality education.Here in Montfort, we do not stop with the amount of information that is imparted to each child, but take it further to focus on man-making, life-building, character formation and spiritual growth. In other words, the ultimate end of our "Labour" is "Virtue".

'Excellence in academics' is our prime concern though sports and games and other extracurricular activities too form an integral part of Montfort.We Endeavour to give every child who enters Montfort a holistic education. However, the ´raison d´etre of a child's stay in Montfort is 'Education' – 'with books' in their hands, 'learning for life'. In Montfort there is no place for mediocrity.

Are you looking for 'A School of Excellence'?

Yes, that is what 'MONTFORT' is!