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Independence Day & Montfort Tournments

"Champions are not produced overnight. It needs years of hard work, commitment, passion and planning for one to emerge as a champion."

Being Independence day, the day started with the hoisting our National flag by Rev. Bro Varghese, our Principal and the tournament flag by our Chief Guest Mr. Suren – the Secretary for Tamil Nadu Basketball Association. The Chief Guest for the concluding ceremony was Mr. Naveen Mohan Rajesh, an Alumnus, from Yercaud.

Montfort tournament – 2015 comprises the 46th Montfort Table Tennis, 45th Montfort Tennis, 20th Bro. Antony of Padua Football and 19th Bro. Antony of Padua Football and 19th Bro. Eleazar Memorial Basketball was conducted at the State level on 14th & 15th August. 700 Students from 74 Schools participated in the tournament in U-14, U-17 and U-19. It was an eye opener for the beginners and a good exposure to all the participants to identify their potentialities. The participants accompanied by their escort teachers left the campus after enjoying the warmth of the Nature, the hospitality of the Management, Staff and Students of Montfort.