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Essence of the theme
Create new Horizons for Innovative Leadership
The centenary year has passed by gloriously with great celebrations and thanksgiving. Montfort Yercaud is marching ahead into the 101st year of its existence. It is time for rejoicing and thanking God for the numerous blessings he has showered on us in our journey of a hundred years. It is also a time to introspect and evaluate our experiences, both victories and failures .A time to find solutions to any road blocks we have met en route. We should not get stuck with these setbacks, if any. There lies a great future ahead. We must plan, work and pray that this institution with a magnificent history will march ahead into a glorious future in the years to come.
When we look up to our pioneers and founding fathers of Montfort what stands out is their courage, their vision and commitment. The creation of such magnificent educational edifice is no simple task. The future administrators, staff, students and alumni must also inherit their noble qualities from ancestors.
“Rome was not built in a day” goes the saying. Sacrifices, dedication and hard work is the essence of great educational institutions. Basking in the “ Old glory of things” and doing nothing is not what is desired. We have to change with times. There is a need for rejuvenating our system. Highly motivated staff and students with novel and modern ideas, new approaches, with up-to-date technological backing is needed for a top notch school in the 21st Century.
The theme chosen opted for this year is “Create new Horizons for Innovative Leadership………” The children of the 21st century are much different from their predecessors. Their outlooks are different, their aims are different the world they are going to face is also different.
We have to prepare our children to reach out for new horizons, adopt modern methods of pedagogy and generate future leaders with great knowledge and deep values. They have to have a scientific temper, an analytical approach, clear thinking, a progressive out look. We want patriotic leaders who are environmentally conscious. Leaders who are determined to fight corruption and propagate the concept of universal brotherhood. Upright men and women who are socially conscious persons of integrity. Well, that’s what Montfort has been all about from its inception……